12v Laptop Charger More Efficient Than a Current Inverter

12v laptop charger made by Targus

12v laptop charger made by Targus


Living in a campervan brings its own set of challenges and one of the most important commodities is electricity. I’ve been using an inverter to convert my 12v DC into 230v AC; that was until it packed up. The replacement inverter didn’t like charging the laptop to in its place I’ve started using a 12v laptop charger.

The 12v laptop charger, made by Targus, cost 40 euros from Worten in La Canada, Marbella and is actually a much better device because you don’t lose any efficiency, whereas with the inverter you lose around 10% of your charger through the conversion process.

Another advantage of the 12v laptop charger is that it is silent. The inverter; a 300w RMS conversion unit, has a fan which is very noisy.

The 12v laptop charger is a tidy little unit which has a fly lead with changeable ends for different devices and different manufacturers, as well as a USB slot through which you can charge additional gadgets such as phones, iPods, etc.


Close up of that sexy USB slot and 12v laptop charger gizmo.

Close up of that sexy USB slot and 12v laptop charger gizmo.


The additional charging power also means that I can still use the 300w inverter to run things like camera chargers, hand-held food mixer or battery chargers, and still plug the laptop in for a charge when needed.

Although the cost of both the laptop charger and inverter runs to 80 euros, thanks to my dual battery setup and 120w solar panel, they will pay for themselves when compared to the cost of charging from a wall socket in an apartment.

I had been looking for a better solution for charging my laptop for some time so finding this little gem in Worten was a huge boost. I’ve read about other charging units that do the same thing for half the price but out here in Spain consumer electronics can be quite expensive. That said, I’m happy with my purchase and the many benefits it brings with it.

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