Cafe and Libros vegetarian-friendly cafe – Malaga

Café con Libros
Plaza de la Merced, 15

But a couple of doors from Canadu vegetarian restaurant, Café con Libros is a vibrant little café bar with a lovely ambience a far cry from Canadu’s disquieting being-interrogated-for-terrorist-acts lighting and lack of comfort.

It’s more a café than a restaurant but they have snacks and crepes and a big range of teas, juices and milkshakes.

It’s full of charm with a mismatch of chairs, benches, stools and the odd sofa thrown in for the lovely bastard sake of it. Candles and a few small lamps and lanterns provide light and add to the atmosphere of intimate cosiness. It’s the kind of place you go in for a quick sit down and a drink and end up remaining an afternoon. Particularly if you have the good company of a cherished friend, a novel with a hefty plot or just a laptop.

They have free wi-fi and several spots have sockets if you need to recharge – but you have to be wily at busy times as these get swiped quickly by other itinerant laptoppers. Damn those shitters.

The menu is mainly snacks, although they do breakfasts too. Para picar you can choose from small toasts with spinach and pine nuts or vegetables for €2/tapa or €9 for a plate. There are nachos with guacamole if that’s your scene and they cost €2/tapa or €7/plate.

There are two salads suitable for vegetarians. Either the house salad (ensalada de la casa) which is a mix of spinach, nuts, cherry tomatoes and sprouts. €7. Or a pasta salad with spinach, pasta (no way), cherry tomatoes and peanut sauce.

To be honest I wish I’d tried the house salad here instead of the salad at Canadu two doors away. You live you learn.

There are crepes for €2.90 plus. You can choose from fillings such as three cheese; spinach, mushroom and cheese, manchego cheese and oregano, or cream cheese with nuts. If you’d prefer a sweet crepe, they can do those too. Brie and strawberry; apple, nuts and honey or chocolate are a few examples.

There is one vegetarian sandwich that you can have served on either multigrain or soya bread. It contains spinach, onion, goat cheese and mustard dressing. It costs €4.20.

There are homemade cakes such as muffins and brownies.

You can also get fresh fruit juices. As usual the most experimental juice is carrot but the portions are great and for €2.80 – good value.

The staff is awesome – smiley, bouncy (without needing a smack) and professional.

There’s a big outdoor terrace on a lovely tree-filled square which means young Mr Sweep – our four-legged contemporary – would give it a furry paws up if he were here.

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