English tourists in Barcelona, Spain

English flag against blue sky

English people in Barcelona

English people in Barcelona have a bad reputation. Generally because the average resident of Barcelona sees the English as a bunch of thick football hooligans who drink like it’s a sport and don’t tan well. And if you hang about in central Barcelona on a Friday or Saturday night, particularly during the summer, you’d be forgiven for concurring entirely with them.

English tourists in Barcelona

And it’s not just the Spanish. Anywhere where there is either good weather and/or cheap hookers, and budget flights you can expect to see gangs of these Neanderthals absurdly celebrating one of the gang’s forthcoming nuptials by drinking their weight in beer, fucking a prostitute and generally acting like a twat (to the exponential of wanker). And the men aren’t much better.

English women are seen as slutty drunks with bad teeth and shrill voices squeezing their size 16 arses into cheap size 12 skirts and vomiting over their own high-heeled shoes in the street.
Queen Vic in El Raval, Barcelona


The average British tourist in Barcelona is seen as an overweight buffoon who drinks so much that they have to be carried home from bars at 10pm. Sexually we are seen as being excessively easy to get into bed but risibly dull once we’ve got there.

It’s really not difficult to see why as a race, we are despised. Foreigners must laugh at the concept of Britain ever being great if the behaviour of English tourists is anything to go by. We turn up in someone else’s country arrogantly wearing our England football shirts, we get publicly drunk and hostile, we cajole the locals and disparage them if they fail to speak English, even though many of us struggle with the fundaments of our own language ourselves.


Drunken louts in England are disgusting enough, in a beautiful city like Barcelona, they are downright repugnant.

It’s mortifying that the average ambassador for England is an imbecile content to spend their holiday in Irish bars with English people watching English football and eating English grub. Gaudi? What the fuck is that?


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