A Cava Vineyard in Pictures

Our meandering walks often took us through the heart of Cava vineyards in and around towns of Penedes such as Sant Pere de Ribes, Mas Mestre and Olivella.  Here’s a look at the backbone of Cava’s industry taken in Spring 2011.



The gnarly looking vines protrude from the ground like skeletal fingers. It's like something from a Ray Harryhausen film but with less chattering teeth.


The vineyards don't blossom until late June and despite the stark landscape the beautiful Catalunyan sky breathes life into the world.


In Spetember the hot sun will beat down on the workers harvesting the Cava grapes.


And by November the fields return to skeletons leaving no trace of the harvest.


Other plant life gets a head start on the vines as nature comes to life in Spring.


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