A favourite – Wild Camp at Llavorsi, Pyrenees, Catalunya

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Llavorsi Riverside

Where: Llavorsi, Catalunya

How to find it: Follow the C-13 north from Sort and turn right just before the bridge. There is a car park outside the ‘camping municipal’ site.


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Llavorsi is one of those almost forgotten about towns deeply entrenched in the Pyrenees. It is overlooked by tourists due to its dam and power station which is considered ugly by most – not a view that we shared.

We pitched up for a few days in the car park opposite the power station and on the other side of the river. We were a few minutes walk from the town and there was a lovely little park and public toilets right by us – the latter of which was perfect for a full body and hair wash. There was no hot water but when it’s 35° outside you don’t tend to mind. This of course gave us a good water supply and saved on the spade.



His and hers matching toilets - a luxury.

Despite being less than 2km from another camp site, the legal requirement for Spanish wild camping, we had no hassle from police or locals.

We were surrounded by high peaks and the town itself climbed the walls of one; houses stacked almost on top on one another as they scrambled ever higher. The old church and beautifully maintained houses combined with the cobbled streets made an idyllic spot for walking Sweep.


The hills surrounding Llavorsi and the Municipal Camp Site which we didn't use. Apart from the bar.

A row of shops also furnished us with baked goods while we picked up fresh vegetables from the little supermarket. We were also lucky to catch the little market which served up home-made honey, fresh vegetables, confectionery and clothes.

The river at Llavorsi got pretty hectic with rafters and kayakers.

Kayak enthusiasts swarmed the river in the mornings and the car park was invaded by bus loads of white water rafters and their multi-boat toting vans and trailers, none of which was a disturbance. They were all gone by mid afternoon.

Llavorsi is a lovely little town worthy of some exploration so if wild camping isn’t your thing you could always book a hotel by clicking here.

Our Verdict: Big thumbs up for an excellent wild camp spot with easy access to river sports, water supply, a toilet and a lovely little town set amid the mountains.

Sweep’s Verdict: Paws up!


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