A few hours hiking around Montserrat, Catalunya


Montserrat is a limestone mountain with a most unusual and unique look. Nothing else in the local landscape looks anything like it.


We took a good walk around the back of Montserrat one Sunday afternoon. We’d been by it many times but never actually up or around it. The hike was fairly easy .


Sweep gets his trot on as we start to climb



The limestone outcrops are a fantastic spectacle, like something from the old sixties Star Trek.


Or stone golems having a chat about the weather. Well, English stone golems would talk about the weather.


The walk took us through trees which often gave way to reveal incredible glimpses of the mountain side.


Looking down was as impressive as looking up.


Sadly these pictures don't capture just how magnificent and huge these limestone teeth are.


Nature always provides wonders.


And near the end of the walk we were shown what it would be like to sit in a giant's palm.


After a little climb I was treated to the profile of the giant's face.


Montserrat is a sunning place, huge enough to spend days exploring. Despite its easy walks you should always respect the fact that it is a mountain as it will not respect you. The walk we took leads to a retreat and most other walkers were carrying ropes. When I reached the point in the final photo I found out why; there are sheer drops which plunge hundreds of feet and without the right gear or know-how a mountain like this will end you.

There are guided walks and groups that know the area so if in doubt contact them and get on a group hike.

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