A Gallery of Sand Sculptures from Sitges

Looks like Gaudi in the sand

This spire sculpted in sand at Sitges was pretty impressive standing at around five feet high. It has some Babylonian/Gaudi influence for sure.


A more traditional sand castle in Sitges

The display started with some traditional castle type things but became more eclectic as the day wore on.


A palace made of sand in Sitges.

The spires on this sand palace in Sitges must take some skill to make and maintain. Hats off to the sculptors (for those of us who wear hats).


The sand palace up close

The amount of detail etched into the sand is incredible and masterful, just ask anyone who's made a sand castle.


A bar scene made from sand in Sitges

I like these guys hanging out having a jam.


The bar scene in sand up close

The writing on the barrels alone is an incredible feat. Not sure what it all means though, especially the monkey...


The open fire in the sand sculpted bar scene at Sitges

On a cold February day (not that it was) there's nothing more warming than a drop of mead and an open fire, even if it is made from sand and you're teetotal.


A dragon sculpted in sand at Sitges

This dragon was one of the highlights for me. It appealed to my Lord of the Rings bent and the flaming mouth was a nice touch too. Nice work Sitges sand sculptors.


Crap sand sculpture in Sitges

Of course, anything they can do, I can do better. I made a killing off this piece. I definitely saved the best til last.


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