A less obvious tourist attraction in Tossa de Mar, Catalunya

When living in a van and travelling around so much, the one thing you do get plenty of is time. We like to spend ours walking around places, taking snaps and getting a feel for them.

Tossa de Mar has some very obvious attractions which lure the average tourists in their thousands, but for those who like to enjoy the scenery and avoid the throngs there are some very good and not too taxing walks around the edge of the town.

The dried husks of old trees line the pathway of this enjoyable walk in Tossa de Mar.


From our wild camping spot in Tossa de Mar we took one such walk up the hills behind the car park at the leisure centre, crossed the little (polluted) river and followed the winding path upwards. After a very short climb we were able to enjoy the views of the surrounding hills and a glimpse of the cute but busy little town.


The path wound up the hill and was very exposed to the harsh August sun.


Catalunya always provides plenty of nature’s bounties, especially Rosemary which makes a delightful tea with some healing properties and helps the digestive system too. After picking a bunch we sat down and enjoyed the hot sun and scant shadow from the trees at the top of the hill, our Jetboil set to work making tea (not from the Rosemary as that has to be dried for a few days first) while we relaxed.

A variety of butterflies, lizards and other insects fluttered, scampered and crawled about the place in search of shelter or to rest on the leaves of a myriad of colourful plants and flowers including White Mustard with its distinctive tall yellow flowers which can be eaten raw or boiled into a soup.


One of many types of butterfly which thrive in Catalunya.


Sweep enjoyed his time on the hill and got involved in some serious stick styling as well as doing some important sleeve biting on the way back. He takes his work very seriously and is a dilligent artist with expressive eyes which he uses to look at the bigger picture.

I guess walking up hills isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for something enjoyable which is free and takes you away from the madding crowds then this walk will easily occupy a morning or afternoon of your holiday.

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