A Strange Fish on the Beach at Sitges

While walking Sweep illegally along the seafront at Sitges I came across a most unusual fish. It was lying on the beach, clearly not its natural habitat and looked worse for wear. It did however present a great photo opportunity and I hope that in its post-mortal wisdom it understands my aim to immortalise it and marvel at its incredible shape, texture and definition.


More like something from another planet than from the sea.


The patterns on its head are made up of a myriad of geometric shapes.


Half Axolotl, half fish and half alien. Oh...


"Black eyed angles swam with me" - Thom Yorke.


A better shot of the incredible patterns on this strange creature's head plate.


I have no idea what type of fish this is so if you do please let us know by leaving a comment or give us a shout on the forums by clicking here.

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