A Walk Along Aldea Beach, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

Rocks on Aldea Beach, Manilva, Costa del Sol

The morning after wild camping at Aldea Beach we arose early to make the most of the police free beach and give Sweep a good walk before it got too hot.

The sun was still nothing more than a promise and the sea was calm but hazy. The world had a lazy feel to it and we slowly eased ourselves into existence, communing with the cool air and briny smell of the ocean upon which the first sparkles of sunlight danced in our direction.

We headed south-west from the van and walked along a wide stretch of grainy sanded beach, dunking our feet in the icy water and feeling the stones massage their soles; a wholly therapeutic experience.

We soon came to a rock outside a chiringuito and lay there for 15 minutes catching some rays and contemplating the coming day in style. The sea gently lapped at the base of the rock and the sounds of the world stirring to life; cars arriving at Aldea Beach, traffic on the main road, voices of walkers and people dumping their trash in wheely bins, all began to creep into the periphery of our audio field so we gathered ourselves and moved on.

A panaorama of Aldea Beach, Manilva, Costa del Sol

A panaorama of Aldea Beach, Manilva, Costa del Sol. The Rock of Gibraltar lies in the distance.

The coarse sand became shingle and was hard going. More rocks loomed ahead, itching to be climbed and explored. Their volcanic origins were impossible to disguise and the pitted, scarred surfaces made an excellent playground for us all. Fishermen sat atop them and relaxed while their rods dangled in the water, not a twitch between them. The fish were obviously not feeling hungry.

Snorkellers dived and surfaced periodically, exploring the rocks and aquatic wildlife in the early morning sunshine. Elsewhere wild campers had setup on the beach and were laid out on the sand under parasols and further to the south-west the Rock of Gibraltar basked in the luminescence, clear and bright , high above the white towers of the town below.

We sat on our own rock for some time, taking in the scenery and enjoying the peace of a lazy Sunday morning in the sunshine on Aldea Beach and across the Costa del Sol.

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