Ainsa, Aragon in pictures



Ainsa sits at the western end of the Pyrenees in Aragon and manages to blend old and new quite successfully where many other cities and towns in Spain fail.

The old quarter sits on a hill which offers terrific views of the mountains.


The old stone walls conjure a nostalgic atmosphere.


The old town is drenched in symbolism.


Ainsa’s old quarter is a steep mass of narrow streets and archways. The main square is covered in symbols from ages gone by and the buildings and stone benches carry effigies of emblems and masonic messages.


An old font covered in symbols...


A display of expert stone masonry...


And more still...


But what do these images symbolise?


The narrow streets, like so many in Spain, were designed at a time before air conditioning and had to be effective in keeping the sun out.


Perfect sunblock without the need for chemicals.


Walkways to the walls lead to excellent views of the surrounding countryside.


The main square in Ainsa’s old quarter is restaurant Mecca, all offering much the same thing for the same kind of prices. There wasn’t anything on offer for vegans and most Spanish vegetarian dishes contain fish and cheese.


Restaurants with nothing to choose between. Prices were high too.


Beyond the main square lies the old fort which has now become an advert for solar energy.


Ainsa is a lovely old town worthy of a day’s exploration and for those who love the outdoors it offers more than a day’s adventuring courtesy of its many hiking, cycling and river activities.

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