Al Natural vegetarian restaurant – Madrid



Calle de Zorrilla, 11
(next to Paseo del Prado)

Monday – Sunday 13hrs until 16hrs
Monday – Saturday 20.30hrs until 00.oohrs

Al Natural is a vegetarian restaurant that aims to use organic local products wherever it is possible to do so. Much of which is grown in their own land outside of Madrid. Dishes and their ingredients therefore reflect the seasons – which is how it should be.

There is a menu del dia that costs €12 (Monday to Friday lunchtimes) and €13 between Monday and Thursday evenings.

The menu is fairly extensive and includes a couple of options for vegans. What we ate was tasty and we were impressed by the sizes of the portons.

The interior is cosy and dark with the emphasis on oriental with mood lighting to create a warm and relaxing environment.

We had to wait a while to get served but they were busy as it was a lunchtime and the staff were friendly at all times, so we didn’t really mind the wait. Had the staff been grumpy and the food shit, I’d have kicked off like a dipsomaniac football hooligan.

All the food that we ate was between fairly and very tasty and the dessert in particular was delicious and a good size.

They have a good range of organic herbal teas from pu-errh to rooibosh, mate to green and the usual array of fruit teas. Wine and beer is also served but who needs it?

At one point they used to serve a couple of meat dishes for non-believers (which is odd in itself) but I think they have since seen sense, which is good.

Raw foodists should head to Crucina in Madrid – the only raw food restaurant on the Spanish mainland it would seem.

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