Al Vert cafe and bakery – Sitges

Bonaire 4,  Sitges

Al Vert is a cute little spot with a very limited menu but a good spot to sit and internet surf whilst enjoying a pot of tea and a gluten free cookie.

Run by a very friendly woman who doesn’t speak English, Al Vert is a god send for any celiac sufferers or people with gluten sensitivities. They have a very small range of home made cakes and things including wholewheat croissants, gluten free cookies (sin gluten), peanut cookies, chocolate and nut cookies and moist apple cake.

There are often a couple of vegetarian baguettes including ricotta and tomato which was a little bland but that’s more down to the type of cheese rather than a fault with the establishment. Other stuffs we’ve tried have been pretty tasty.

Al Vert not only has organic and German breads (you might need to ask for these if they aren’t visible) and drinks made with soya milk. Hoorah! So you can have a hot chocolate or a coffee with a clear conscience.

There are a range of teas including te verde (green tea), bosque de frutas (fruits of the forest), te rojo (red tea), te con vainilla y chocolate (with vanilla and chocolate), and te blanco (white tea).

Al Vert is a small café with a few tables, and deep moss green walls and candy orange seats. Swirls, flowers and mirrors embellish the walls.

It has free wi-fi and along the left-hand side there are plenty of electricity outlets for recharging whilst you work, surf, write or chat online.

In case all that is not enough, it’s also Sweep friendly. He happily sits at my feet whilst I pretend to be interested in what people on Facebook have to say.

All in all a cheap, dog-friendly, vegetarian-friendly, allergy-conscious café in the heart of Sitges only minutes from the beach.

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