Alcozaiba Castle, Guadalest, Valencia


Alcozaiba fortress, Guadalest


Guadalest is perhaps most famous for its 12th century castle which sits high above the old walled town. It can be seen from afar as you approach the fortified mountain town and its imposing presence can be felt long before you arrive. 

The Alcozaiba fortress is a major tourist attraction and is the highest point of Guadalest. From its ramparts and walls you can see three mountain ranges as well as the stunning reservoir far below. With its snaking road winding the shores of the lake.


Alcozaiba fortress, Guadalest

Plaque showing a cut through of the original construction of Alcozaiba fortress, Guadalest.


Its construction heralded an age of security in the region thanks to its strategic positioning although several centuries later is underwent some major rebuilding (15th and 16th centuries) and then, in 1644 calamity struck as a huge earthquake all but destroyed the castle and the town. 

Although little remained after that earthquake, nature felt its business with Guadalest castle wasn’t done and in 1748 it was hit by another quake, 40 years after a bomb attack did serious damage to the place too. 


Alcozaiba fortress, Guadalest

A view of Alcozaiba fortress, Guadalest, from the square in the old Moorish quarter.



The walls are frequented by tourists today and are a terrific viewpoint. The 11th century Moorish stronghold of Alcozaiba fortress is situated within the grounds of Orduña House although all that remains of it is a restored tower. 

It is open to the public at a cost of 4 euros per person. 

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