Alef Natura organic health food shop – Poble Sec, Barcelona

Alef Natural Health Food Shop - Poble Sec, Barcelona
c/ Ricart, 1
Poble Sec

Monday to Friday 10hrs – 14hrs and 17hrs – 20hrs
Saturday 10hrs – 13.30hrs

I love this small organic shop that I discovered today in Poble Sec after a strenuous trip up Montjuic.

It’s got the usual assortment of health food items: the cold cabinet with goat yogurt, soya yogurt, tofu burgers etc; the shelf of seaweeds (hijiki, dulse, sea spaghetti, nori etc) and oriental ingredients (misos, rice noodles rice crackers, ume boshi, tahini, rice vinegar, sesame oil); herbal teas including a good range of Clipper teas and a couple of Yogi Teas and Celestial Seasonings.

They have a pretty large selection of celiac-friendly, gluten-free products including cookies, crackers, rolls and loaves.

They also have several different types of chocolate spread – which being a complete sugar-addict (I’m still going to the SA meetings) I was naturally drawn to. You can get chocolate spreads sweetened with honey and corn syrup (not sure about CS), vegan chocolate spreads made with cane sugar and olive oil and flavoured with orange or mint (both are utterly delicious) and carob spreads too.

This is one of the few places I have seen sprouting seeds (eg alfalfa) that aren’t ridiculously expensive. In Veritas I’ve seen 20g packs selling for over €3. Alef Natura were selling 150g of alfalfa for €1.90 and a 120g of mixed sprouting seeds for €2.47. So I bought all their remaining stock.

They also sell coconut oil/butter, ghee (clarified butter) and probiotics (in the fridge) with over 3billion lacto doodleflips.

One section of the shop is dedicated to supplements and vitamins such as multiminerals suitable for vegans, spirulina, propolis and all manner of things.

The lady that served me was gorgeously smiley and patiently waited whilst I picked up and read the packaging of everything in the shop twice.

These are the kinds of little shops that need our support. Now – during the ongoing financial crisis – more than ever. Fuck Veritas – come here. It’s worth the extra effort and seems to be cheaper. And has happy staff.

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