Amadeu Vidal pet store – Barcelona


Santa anna 14

Vets Tel:  93 317 39 49

10.30-13.30 16:30-20.30 Monday to Friday
10:30-13:30 Saturday

The folk at Amadeu Vidal have been looking after our hairy loved ones since 1880. This is not just a shop vending pet foods, toys and accessories, but also a vets and a doggy hairdresser (canine perruqueria).

You can pick up animal medicine, get the little ones a check-up or get blood analysis etc carried out, and have specialists in dermatology, oftalmologia, ecografia, and etologia take a squint at your companion. They also conduct home visits if your fluffy (bescaled or befeathered friend) is too crook to travel.

It’s a large shop just off the top end of La Rambla between La Rambla and Porta de l’Angel and so a great central and easy to find location. It’s located almost opposite Self Naturista – the vegetarian self-service restaurant.

They have a massive range of dog and cat foods, including the only kibble I’ll give to young Sweep – Acana. (Sweep eats raw human grade meaty bones and occasionally cooked meat. I’ve read too much about the disgusting quality of most kibbles but this one seems to be genuinely good quality and contains things like sea greens and herbs, rather than salt and sugar in most kibbles. So I keep a supply of Acana, just in case I can’t get the right meat for Sweep whilst on the road. He also likes Marmite on toast, much like his ancestor, the wolf.)

The shop also has a great selection of toys, accessories, collars, leads, harnesses and some lovely beds (I suddenly feel like I’m describing a sex shop) that I would quite like to try out myself. They have books too, but not much good unless you can understand written Castillano.

A few minutes walk away, El Corte Ingles – the department store on Placa Catalunyua –  has a decent enough pet section in the basement and dogs seem to be welcome there, but I prefer this place.

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