Amelia Bakery – Gracia, Barcelona

 Amelia's Bakery

Amelia Bakery – Gracia, Barcelona

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Amelia Bakery is another one of the cutesy girlie bakeries that have been popping up around the world since Magnolia Bakery in NYC first brought the concept of the cupcakery to the world’s attention. And whilst Spain probably wasn’t the quickest to catch on with the craze, Barcelona has a handful of these trendy bakeries now.

I’ve not tried that many awesome cupcakes in Spain so far. They are either too sweet or too sickly, the frosting isn’t buttery enough, is too hard or the sponge is dry and dense or combinations there of.

Amelia's Bakery

Amelia's Bakery - Gracia, Barcelona

Amelia’s Bakery sells cupcakes, cookies, whoopies, tarts, brownies and regular ol’cakes.

The ambience is typically cupcakey  in pink and white, very clean and feminine.

Cupcakes come in flavours such as  Madigascan vanilla, red velvet, chocolate orange, tiramisu, dulce de leche (caramel), coconut or  JK Rowling to name but a few.

Amelia’s Bakery – beautifully made cakes in Gracia, Barcelona.

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