Animal Rescue in Catalunya

Bungle in better shape


Through our adventures with Bungle, who we now know to be a Leonberger, we have met some fantastic people, not least the Animal Rescue folks near Vilafranca; a group of animal lovers who find homes for lost dogs in countries such as Holland, France and Germany on a completely voluntary basis.

It is good to know that there are so many good people in the world who are willing to put animals before themselves to ensure the lost souls get a good home. Through their website they tell the stories of many dogs who were abandoned or treated badly and in dire need of love, affection and guidance.

As I wrote in a previous post there is an alarming number of animals being abandoned in Spain now due to the current, worsening financial climate and with almost 50% of people aged between 16 and 24 out of work it’s not hard to see why.

Families are having to cut their outgoings and unfortunately for the pets they’re normally the first to go. Nadine and Karin at Animal Rescue frequently deal with cases like this and their network of connections is vast meaning they have a high success rate.


Defensa Animal Rescue

Defensa Animal Rescue are helping abandoned and mistreated animals on a daily basis.


Although they don’t keep the animals themselves while rehousing they do work quickly to find placements through contacts in other European countries where finances are stronger and people are generally better and more responsible owners.

That is not to say that every Spanish animal owner is irresponsible, quite the opposite in fact as many are excellent and loving dog or cat parents, but there are also those who buy a dog on a whim and expect it to behave as they want it to without any training.

Bungle seems to have been such a case and was undoubtedly abandoned due to his size, cost and difficult nature.

Thankfully the good people ate Animal Rescue are helping us re-home him and in the process I get to do my Huckleberry Finn act again; living in the van in a forest. I win.

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Read more about the plight of animals, the story of Bungle (so far) and the immediate good will we felt from people when we took him to the vets in Sitges.

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