Anjo Verde vegetarian restaurant, Braga – review

Anjo Verde vegetarian restaurant – Braga
Largo Praça Velha 21
4700 Braga

253 264 010

Located in a peaceful square and easily found (unlike many vegetarian restaurants that get tucked away at the arse end of nowhere) Anjo Verde supplies hearty fodder for the vegetarian locals and tourists (well some of them) in the beautiful religious center of Braga. See pictures of Braga here.

You can either sit in the square and catch a warm summer zephyr or you can take to the inside like a coward and bathe in the air conditioning.

Anjo Verde vegetarian restaurant in Braga, Portugal - starter and juice

Anjo Verde vegetarian restaurant in Braga, Portugal – starter and juice

A menu of the day includes a pot of herbal tea along with a main course such as tofu and lentils; vegetable tart or stuffed peppers and each main comes with a choice of either basmati or brown rice and salad.

Other main dishes include lasagne and various tofu-based dishes.

Portion sizes are so vast that it’s best to make sure you go there with a large appetite in tow. Ideal for bulimics.

For starters you can choose from bread with melted cheese or a selection of empanadas.

There freshly made juices are delicious and you can choose from apple, orange, carrot, orange and carrot, and orange and beetroot.

Desserts such as coconut pudding, coconut flan, apple tart, mango pudding can be scoffed should you have room for more.

Inside the décor is fancy with exposed brickwork, black tables and lime green tablewear. Giant aubergine lampshades and a Buddha statue make it feel upmarket vegetarian.

I visited Anjo Verde twice and sadly/strangely the second time they refused to serve me because I only wanted a juice and a dessert – which is apparently illegal in some parts of Portugal. The restaurant was far from full and I got the impression that they may have disapproved of my appearance as I have tattoos which clearly make me a satanist and unemployed. This is a great shame as other than that, it’s a good restaurant. Just make sure that you dress conservatively and don’t mind eating what they tell you to eat. Very strange behaviour from a country in the depths of a recession.

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