Anormes Irena health food shop – Barcelona

Carrer de la Ciutat
El Born

This ickle shop is a standard Spanish-style health food shop. Ergo it doesn’t have a massive range of items but it does have some items and also sells are large range of herbs et al.

A good spot for picking up medicinal herbs and also the usual types of health food shop stalwards eg teas (loose and bagged), oriental ingredients, aloe vera juice, a small range of vitamins and supplements, seaweeds, and cooking ingredients such as pasta, rice, oils, condiments, cane sugar, agave, honeys, jams, and gluten free products such as cookies and breads. They also have some faux meat substitutes such as tofu sausages, tofu in blocks and tempeh.

They have a few organic toiletries, beauty products and household products that don’t melt your skin or rot your skeleton.

They also have bottled juices and organic fruit bars and a very small range of organic chocolate bars. Plus organic coffee and cocoa.

Buying health food is rarely cheap anywhere and in Spain it takes commit and money to not only hunt the food stores down and to buy it.

I love finding these little spots in a predominantly meaty country. They might not be cheap but sometimes buying the cheap mass produced crap elsewhere is a false economy. I’d rather use a tablespoon of organic olive oil than a cup of crap stuff from Aldi.

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