Arc Café – Barcelona

Carrer d’en Carabassa, 19
Near La Rambla

Arc Café is a bit of a tourist trap – granted, but it has something – nay, everything, that anybody in their right mind could possibly want, which is (of course) free wi-fi and Thai curry. The stuff that dreams are in fact, made of. It’s not the best Thai curry you’ll have ever tried in the world, ever, but it’s hot and coconuty and comes with a side order of internet.

Also, being bang in el centro of town, where the heart of Barcelona can clearly be felt thumping beneath you, Arc Café is convenient as fuck. Hell yeah!

The Thai curry is available with carcass – or should you favour food that hasn’t undergone a short lifetime akin to torture, tofu – so even disgusting vegetarians (and probably even more loathsome vegans) can get their smirking apparatus around a bit of Thai goodness. Mmm. Thai curry with tofu pieces is €10.90. Not that cheap, but bear in mind that it is Thai curry, you are in Barcelona and you get free wi-fi. Did I mention that already?

Any road up, in addition there are vegetarian-friendly dishes such as warm goat cheese salad and vegan friendly offerings such as Spain’s old faithful patatas bravas (deep fried potato chunks flailing in a dirty hot salsa) costing €3.95, nachos with guacamole for €4.95; humus served with pita bread which costs €4.90, a sexy Asian noodle dish with three types of mushroom drenched in yakisoba sauce (€8.50) and a fresh pasta dish consisting of pasta stuffed with pears and parmesan combined in a sundried tomato sauce – which sounds disgusting and costs €9.80.

I’ve never had good humus in Spain – which is tits because North Africa is so close and Spain is hardly without it’s Moorish influences – you’d think they’d get on the case of a few squashed chick peas smooshed up with garlic et al. Anyway, I’ve yet to sample their humus, so it could be dreadful.

There is also a cheaper lunch menu to pick from.

Desserts such as homemade cheese cake; chocolate brownie and Irish cheesecake with chocolate and Baileys cost between €3.50 and €5. They don’t come much dirtier than that.

Absolutely shit all here for the raw food vegan unfortunately. If the guacamole is fresh and you’re not 100% raw then the nachos with guacamole would be your healthiest bet. I’m not convinced corn products are entirely healthy but sometimes you just gotta eat, regardless.

Quite honestly, I probably wouldn’t go there if it weren’t for the opportunity to get online. But getting a Thai curry fix in Spain is a boon.

Nice surroundings though. Good place to hang in a while.

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