Arco Iris Vegetarian Restaurant – Barcelona


C/ Sicília, 402

C/ Hostafrancs de Sió, 17

C/ Pegàs, 6-8

C/ Ciutat de Granada, 130

Plaça de Lesseps, 4-6

Via Favència, 215

It’s not always possible to find a restaurant that specialises in el cuisine de vegetariano, but Arco Aris (Spanish for ‘rainbow’ – cute) is an exception to that loose rule that I just completely made up myself. There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants and places where you can find vegetarian options in Barcelona. But they are not always close by when the vegetarian appetite suddenly compels one to chase down the nearest avocado and wrestle it to the ground.

Large portions (good for fatties), four course menu (great for bulimics), fairly good food (brilliant for people who like average food, exceptionally busy (terrible for anti-social people), Arco Iris is an ok restaurant with branches all over Barcelona (I’ve only been to the branch on Roger de Flor), sadly only open during the day, and a serendipitous find for the veg-about-town suddenly overtaken with the desperate urge to gorge themselves senseless on some meatless fodder and not prepared to wait another second. Yes, this is one such place.

The taste isn’t exceptional, although I’ve been twice and the first time I was quite impressed and the second time I was substantially less so, but I could have visited on a bad day, but on both occasions I left feeling fed and to be honest I’ve had a lot worse in Spain. It’s not somewhere I would seek out and I’d not recommend it for anything other than a quick lunch, or a place to tackle a hangover with an appetite, but it is an option. And it’s good to have those.

The lunch consisted of a basic salad starter, a seitan stew and was followed by a banana dessert. Included in the price is bread and water.

I’d go there again, but there are places I’d much rather eat in Barcelona, if I had the choice. And it’s good to have those.


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