Art Hicuri vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurant and café – Granada

C alle Santa Escolastica
Esquina Plaza Girones 4
(on the way back down from Alhambra)

But moments after wasting my time, coins and good appetite in La Cantina – a Mexican restaurant in Granada not far from La Alhambra – I stumbled right into this beauty. A busy place (certainly at 4pm) where vivid murals reminiscent of the street art that is rife around the city, dress the walls.

There is a menu del dia (daily set menu) which consists of two courses: four starters – all of which are vegetarian or vegan (although one has a ham option). You might like cream of vegetable soup, gazpacho, tomato soup with avocado and boiled egg or house salad.

The main dish has a minimum of five options from brown rice with vegetables; tofu stroganoff; seitan stirfry with basmati rice; vegetable lasagne or the dish of the day.

The price for the menu del dia – €12.50 includes bread and a drink.

Desserts are organic egg custard flavoured with vanilla, a cocoa and oat milk custard (suitable for vegans), chocolate cake, rice pudding, ice cream, yogurt or fresh fruit. These cost between €1.80 and €3.80.

If you are ordering from the main menu then you have loads of choices some meat, some vegetarian and some vegan. Vegan dishes are marked with a star.

Choices are vegetable Bolognese with fresh pasta; vegetable lasagne with soya béchamel sauce, grilled vegetables and some other dishes that also appear on the menu del dia.

There are also snacks in the form of toast with loads of options to top them eg honey, olive oil, cheese and tomato, avocado, butter and jam or scrambled eggs with avocado. You can choose from wholewheat bread or rye. All their eggs are  organic and they have a choice of jams: strawberry, peach, kiwi or bitter orange. Toasts cost from €0.90 depending on your topping and the time of day,

They have a selection of Yogi teas including black chai, green jasmine or ginger hibiscus. These cost €1.20. Other teas include mint, rooibos, earl grey, green, cinnamon and red tea. And cost just €1.

Coffees and chocolates are also available and soya milk is available too. There are also some organic bottled juices: pineapple, red grape, peach or tomato.

I had a Yogi tea and the vegan pudding. It was a bit of a wobbly consistency but it was vegan and sweet. All good things.

This is a cheap and casual place to eat in a great location and with an inspiring menu for vegetarians and vegans. Compared to Paprika – which is very expensive and not really worth the extra.

This is a far better prospect whose  industriousness speaks volumes.

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