Atzavara vegetarian restaurant – Barcelona


C/Muntaner, 109

Monday to Thursday 13hrs to 15.30hrs
Friday and Saturday 13hrs to 15.30hrs and 20.30hrs to 23hrs

Atzavara has a unique menu in Barcelona. It is part Mediterranean, part global and part macrobiotic.

During the week, when just lunch is served there is a choice of menu del dia (daily menu), one vegetarian, one macrobiotic vegetarian.

The menus include three courses: a starter, a main dish and a dessert plus bread and a drink. Prices are €9.50 for vegetarian and €10.50 for the macrobiotic menu.

In the evenings you can order from a wide range of dishes. There is a Mediterranean section there are dishes influenced by different countries such as Japanese miso soup; Indian pakora; Arabian/Mexican fusion nachos with hummus, to name a few.  Prices start from €6.80.

For your main dish you can choose from dishes such as vegetable paella, mushroom cannelloni, seaweed and noodles and then a range of globally-inspired dishes such as a Finnish seitan dish with fruits of the forest (weird? Maybe), a Malaysian tofu satay, and a Dominican Republic-inspired dish that consists of coconut milk, pepper, onions and rice. Main dishes start from €6.90.

Desserts are also in two sections. In the Mediterranean section there are fruit salads served with either Greek yogurt and roses or soya yogurt and roses for vegans. And a dirty brownie. In the global section you can choose from a vegan mango lassi, a French/Japanese dish, and Arabic delicacies. Desserts start from €4.80.

They are passionate about interesting vegetarian food here and that is apparent in the menu  and in the enthusiasm of the staff.

It’s worth a trip all the way to outer Eixample just to get a fix of this really decent vegetarian food. The prices aren’t bad either and the menu del dia (during the weekday) is particularly friendly on the purse.

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