Bacardi – Corporate Sponsorship Immortalised in Sitges

How weird having a Bacardi monument on the beach at Sitges


It seems that no space is sacred any longer in this age of media hawking and advertising. A point in case is the monument on Sitges seafront dedicated to Bacardi and their bizarre bat logo. Corporate sponsorship coming to a beach near you soon.

Actually, I don’t know why the monument is there but I find it completely weird. Sitges is a famous party town, the Spanish equivalent of Brighton in the UK or San Fransisco in the USA; the gay capital of a very religious and family orientated country.

I love the colour and pizazz the gay community brings to Sitges. It’s a vibrant place which is always buzzing and the recent carnival is an indication of the fun on tap here.

Whether the gay community has any bearing on the arrival of a monument in Sitges remains to be seen but a walk along the promenade near the old church will bring you to it. It’s circular construct housing the Bacardi emblem is a strange thing to find on a beach and yet on further reflection it makes perfect sense – especially for Bacardi.

I imagine Bacardi and the Sitges carnival are inextricably linked; a money spinner for both born of their symbiosis but the permanent placement of a monument will no doubt whet the appetites of summer frequenters feeling parched on those hottest of days.


Bacardi monument at Sitges

"If you're in marketing, kill yourself." ~ Bill Hicks. Take note Bacardi.


I’m a funny old stick and hate corporate sponsorship of the mass kind. In an age where every available space seems to be advertising real estate I have to recall the words of Bill Hicks who said, “If you’re in marketing, kill yourself.”

In a world where everyone wants to be noticed I feel the need to slip further off the radar. Anonymity is the new fame and black is the new black so don’t go sticking posters all over it.

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