Bakery Reykjavik – Gracia, Barcelona

Barcelona Reykjavik

Monday to Sunday: 10.30-21.30hrs

c/asturies 20


I <3 Barcelona Reykjavik, me. Years ago when I lived in El Raval, I used to frequent the shop in c/Doctor Dou. I then became a habitual visitor at the location in El Born and it was with a happy heart that I discovered my favourite Barcelona bakery in beautiful Gracia.

It’s hard to find negative things to say about this place, and so I’ll spare myself the bother of trying to dredge up any hostility or expletives that I have no conviction for.

Top quality ingredients go into their produce which is invariably tasty – particular the breads which come in a sizeable array of tempting varieties from English-style white sliced bread to spelt bread and sourdough bread, bread sticks, French baguettes and rolls. They even use alternative sweeteners (in some of their produce) such as agave syrup or rice syrup.

All the cakes and patisserie items include descriptions including whether they contain yeast, types of sweeteners and types of flours or combinations of flour used.

The shops are invariably beautiful and staffed with delightful young ladies keen to serve you. They are also open throughout the day (with no stupid old traditional breaks for siestas) and also open on Sundays.

Spain is full of panaderias, most serving products that are average and much of a muchness, but Reykjavik is way. way superior. The products are lovingly baked and proudly handled before being wrapped in gossamer paper tissue..

This is a stunning spot for the health-conscious carb junkie or for someone with gluten allergies. They have a range of alternative flours and breads studded with olives, seeds, and onion. All gorgeous.

They do a stunning spelt with seeds (espelta I llavors in Catalan) loaf for €7.45/kg which is some of the most expensive and gorgeous bread I’ve ever spread avocado (or sometimes organic chocolate spread) on and swallowed. The bread is so delicious, that you can eat it untoasted without toppings.

They also have lemon muffins made with rice syrup and carob, crestes (which are pasties made with spelt and stuffed with curried vegetables, seeds and seaweed.) There are spelt quiches filled with seasonal vegetables and mind-blowingly squashy dark chocolate-chip brioches made with olive oil, spelt and 70% cacao.

I think I’ve just given myself a food erection. I need a cold shower.

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