Bamboo – Tarifa, Costa de la Luz

Bamboo in Tarifa

Paseo de la Alameda 2
Costa de la Luz


Having spent an hour having our hair (including body hair) restyled by the pushy winds on the beach and watching enviously as kite surfers slid around on delicious winds, twizzling in the air like they were being CGI’d, Bamboo was the first restaurant we came to – and what a find.

We were expecting the usual traditional Spanish bodega with a commensurate range of traditional tapas but Bamboo was a young but unpretentious chill out lounge with a small menu of colourful food. The  combination of ‘young’, ‘chill out’ and ‘lounge’ is almost enough to have me undergoing gender reassignment surgery and changing my name to Ian Johnson, but Bamboo was a rather delightful place with a range of ad hoc chairs, stools, benches and sofas, moody lighting and open windows. They were also dog friendly both outside on the sunny terrace, and inside in the lounge.

Bamboo chill out lounge bar and restaurant in Tarifa

Bamboo chill out lounge bar and restaurant in Tarifa

The menu was exciting with wraps, rustic sandwiches and salads. I stupidly picked a salad that contained fruit as well as vegetables – an amalgamation I particularly dislike but the portion size was good. Jacob ordered a rustic sandwich with grilled vegetables and our carnivorous colleague (who had joined us for a few days) got stuck into a Caesar salad (after sending it back because there was no Caesar on it.)

Strangely there was no dressing on the Caesar salad, although it did come with fried egg, so some kind of funky version. Again the portion size was big and there was lots of chicken and bacon.

The most exciting element of the menu for me was the fresh juices and smoothies. Quiet a bit of choice and a soya milk option for us vegans and vegetarians. They also have a range of organic herbal teas and sell various bottled Kombuchas such as lemon, ginger, fruits of the forest or green tea.

A large cabinet by the door houses some colourful looking cakes that almost looked fake they were that brightly hued.

I’d definitely go to Bamboo again for the atmosphere and for the juices, smoothies and kombucha alone. Next time I’ll give the cakes a go.

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