Baobab vegetarian restaurant – Zaragoza

Arzobispo Apaolaza 10


This is an awesome restaurant: clean, professional, modern and serving a delicious range of contemporary and traditional vegetarian food.

Baobab is one of three vegetarian restaurants in a kind of chain (although each has its own personality and idiosyncrasies) along with Paradis in Lleida and the awesome Teresa Carles vegetarian restaurant that you can find in Barcelona.

These are quite high-end restaurants with commensurate prices but they are not stinkingly expensive. Not somewhere most of us could sadly come every day.

They have a menu del dia which generally costs around €12 and is basically a three-course meal. Unlike other menu del dias bread and drinks incur additional costs.

The staff are very professional and make sure that you are served in good time.

The dishes are imaginative but not surreal and the quality of the ingredients is exceptional.

They have a small range of good quality  juices well-crafted from the best ingredients – available in two sizes.

The salads are small but stunning and definitely not big enough to satisfy a normal or above normal appetite. But if you have a big juice with it, you should be fine.

This is a great place to eat and possibly the only or at least one of the few vegetarian restaurant in the city. But provided you can afford to eat here, there’s no reason why you’d need an alternative.

It’s a very positive eating experience in a professional but informal feeling place where you can have a full three-course meal, a snack or just tea and homemade cakes.

Organic bread and wine is available.


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