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Princesa, 9,

A piadina is a thick toasted Italian-style crepe that is then filled with either sweet or savoury ingredients and then folded in two. It’s a cheap and tasty way of filling yourself up and loans itself very well to the vegetarian and vegan diet as they are made with flour and olive oil and I believe beer (but I’m not entirely sure whether I just made that bit up as I forgot my anti-bullshit pill this morning).

Vegetarian options generally involve some sort of cheese that melts all gooey fashion but it might also involve pesto or chilli oil.

They have meal deals such as a piadina with a soft drink or beer and a dessert or coffee for €6.50 – almost unheard of value for Spain.

Vegetarian amalgamations are a Caprese which is a simple mozzarella and tomato combination and costs €3.80; or four cheeses which contains brie, mozzarella, fontina and gorgonzola and costs €5. That’s probably enough cheese to last a lifetime and to bring on an asthma attack in the lactose intolerant. There is also a Vegetal which contains stracchino (a type of Italian cheese made from cows milk) and rocket which costs €3.80 or a Gratinados which consists of a combination of cooked vegetables with a cheese of your choice for €4.50.

Sadly there don’t seem to be any vegan options but you can always go to fairly nearby Santa Piadina where they have several vegan options with mushroom sauce or vegan mayo.

Sweet piadinas are either nutella; nutella and coconut or nutella and banana. But there is also tiramisu.

Fairly delicious, not entirely unhealthy (depending on which way you go) but a cheap and quick hot meal.

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