Bar Restaurant El Antojo – Marbella

Colombian restaurant in Marbella

I ducked into Bar Antojo on a foolish whim, with fond memories of sticky plantain and stodgy beans and Latino food I’d eaten when I travelled around Latin America some years back.

Bar Antojo is a simple Colombian restaurant, more cafeteria / fast food joint than restaurant in fact, with plastic tables, meagre decoration and a very basic and small menu. Most of the menu consists of chicken or beef dishes, but I managed to negotiate a vegetarian dish without much trouble but accompanied by looks of surprise from the waitress and chef – who clearly couldn’t imagine a meal being a meal without having something’s scrotum as the centrepiece.

They conjured up a watery dish of beans – like refried beans but soupier which was fairly tasty, perhaps a little bland, but was vegan (I checked several times before eating it). This was accompanied by an arepa (a floury hard bread eaten with cavalier abandon in South America) which can be stuffed, grilled with cheese or just dipped into things. This one was plain – as it was without cheese or stuffing.

Vegetarian Colombian offerings at Bar Anojo in Marbella

Along with this I had a small amount of limp salad and a battered patty of sweetcorn.

I also had a mango smoothie which was pretty seriously watered down, so much that I could barely distinguish the taste of mango.

It’s hard to say anything truly positive about my culinary experience at Bar Restaurant Antojo, as nothing was particularly tasty. But then again, I was eating a meal made up of side dishes and I was eating in a cheap fast food outlet. Its saving grace was the fact that I only paid five euros for the food. I’ve eaten in many places where the food was sparse, tasteless and the juices watered down, but still paid mid-range prices.

Anyway, I got a vegetarian meal and that’s the main thing. Sadly, fifteen minutes later I bumped into Loving Hut – which changed my outlook of vegetarian and vegan food in Spain completely. Read my loving review of Loving Hut here.


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