Barcelona Montage #1

A montage of random images taken in Barcelona

Barcelona Montage #1


Top from left to right (Click on the names to read more):


Venetian masks at Arlequi Mascares, C/ Princesa 7, El Born, Barcelona;

The ceiling in the foyer at Estacio de Franca, El Born, Barcelona;

The awesome light bulb in Bar Piadina, C/ Princesa, El Born, Barcelona;

Part of the wall mural in Veggie Garden, C/ Dels Angels, El Raval, Barcelona;

Bottom from left to right:

The mammoth sculpture in Parc de la Ciutadella, El Born, Barcelona;

The pavement pools outside Parc de la Ciutadella, El Born;

Toilets – shitting in the woods while wild camping.


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