Barcelona Reykjavik organic bakery – Barcelona

Monday to Saturday: 10-21hrs
Sunday: 10.30-15hrs

El Raval
c/doctor dou 12

El Born
c/princesa 16

c/asturies 20

I love this place, me. There’s nothing dreadful I can think of to say about Barcelona Reykjavik other than I can’t afford to shop there very often. I hate being completely positive about something, it’s against my very none-so-dark, gothic nature, but when it comes to Reykjavik I’m bloody stumped. Raaaar!

Bakery Reykjavik is an upmarket but completely unpretentious 100% organic bakery that uses best quality ingredients and features not only traditional breads and cakes but speciality products made from alternative flours such as spelt, and rye and alternative sweeteners such as agave syrup. The shops are strikingly beautiful, the staff are sweet and professional, the range is good, they don’t siesta and they are open on Sundays. What’s not to bloody love?

In a country inundated with traditional panaderias and patisseries it’s a wonder there is room for any more. But whereas you are lucky to find a whole-wheat or whole-grain bread stick, loaf or baguette in most panaderias and supermarkets (and those you do find are embellished with a delicious array of neuron-slapping E numbers), Reykjavik is a big gay granary dream come true.

Not only can you buy pan integral (brown bread) in Reykjavik, you can obtain them in a bunch of different varieties, so it’s a great place for the health-conscious bread-head or for someone with gluten allergies. And none of the taste is compromised. Enhanced if anything.

They do a spelt with seeds (espelta I llavors) loaf for €7.45/kg which is some of the best bread I’ve ever put marmite on and chucked inside myself. It’s so tasty without even toasting it that you’ll be lucky if you get back to wherever you are staying with any of it intact.

They also offer some charming cakes and things that are sweetened with agave, banana and lemon and are made with whole-wheat flour (integral). They cost €2.45/100gr and taste lovely with a consistency I can only describe as squidgy.

An organic pain au chocolat that is so fresh it’s still moving costs €1.44, so you might as well eat two. It would be rude not to.

There are also lemon muffins, crestes (little pasties made with spelt flour and stuffed with curried vegetables, seeds and seaweed.) There are spelt quiches filled with seasonal vegetables and the most divine dark chocolate-chip individual brioches made with olive oil, spelt and 70% cacao that are both as soft as a new-born cushion and as chewy as a chewy thing simultaneously. Cor blimey. Seriously pornographic.

They also have a small selection of organic olives and olive oils and a few organic juices but for a better selection to be honest, pop over the road to Veritas the organic supermarket – directly in front of the bakery.

Once you have selected your items, they are paid for by weight and are beautifully wrapped in white paper printed with the equally delicious company logo. You really walk out feeling like you have bought something very special indeed.

The shop front is stunning with the silver-etched BarcelonaReykjavik sign above the door and inside the environment is exceptionally clean and combines modern with tradition. You can see through to the back of the shop where all the work is done and up above and still visible are what appear to be massive vintage heating pipes, so not only are you buying the most beautiful bread known to mankind, but you feel like you are buying it in a spaceship.

The branch I’ve always used is at c/Doctor Dou in El Raval, but there are two other branches of this wonderful place, all equally beautiful and located in El Born and Gracia.

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