Barcelona Reykjavik organic bakery – El Born, Barcelona

Barcelona Reykjavik bakery - El Born, Barcelona


Monday to Saturday: 10-21hrs
Sunday: 10.30-15hrs


Barcelona Reykjavik
El Born
c/princesa 16

Gorgeous Barcelona Reyjkavik is Barcelona’s best bakery – in my ever so very humble opinion at least. I like my bread dark, crusty and organic and studded with seeds – which is nothing like I like my men.

This branch that is almost hidden toward the very end of c/Princessa in El Born (you can almost miss it if you’re not careful is a gorgeous place – as are all the branches (they have two others: Barcelona Reykjavik – Raval and Barcelona Reykjavik – Gracia).

Bakery Reykjavik is an upmarket 100% organic bakery that uses best quality ingredients and features not only traditional breads and cakes but speciality products made from alternative flours such as spelt, and rye and alternative sweeteners such as rice syrup.

All the Barcelona Reykjavik stores are strikingly beautiful, the staff are sweet and professional and handle the products with great care and respect and the range is good.

Spain is a country inundated with traditional panaderias and patisseries – at least one on every corner – so it’s a wonder there is room for any more. But whereas you are lucky to find a whole-wheat or whole-grain bread stick, loaf or baguette in most panaderias and supermarkets (and those you do find are marinated in a delightful combination of E numbers that will rape your neurons, turn your mouth inside out and make you change gender), Barcelona Reykjavik is a big healthful organic bakery dream.

They have a loaf made with spelt and  seeds (espelta I llavors) for €7.45/kg which is some of the best bread I’ve ever put marmite on and chucked inside myself, erm not to mention the most expensive. It’s disgustingly tasty. You don’t even need spreads or toppings or to toast it. It’s moist and lush and delightful.

They also offer some cakes, tarts, pastries and cookies and things that are sweetened with agave, banana and lemon and are made with whole-wheat flour (integral). They cost €2.45/100gr and taste lovely with a consistency I can only describe as squidgy.

There are also lemon muffins and spelt quiches filled with seasonal vegetables and the most divine dark chocolate-chip individual brioches made with olive oil, spelt and 70% cacao.


They also have a small selection of organic olives and olive oils.


Once you have selected your items, they are paid for by weight and are beautifully wrapped in gossamer white paper printed with the baroque company logo.


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