Bartomeu Carbonell i Mussons House in Sitges, Costa Brava

Sitges is a fairly condensed town; its streets are narrow and walls are high in order to keep the sun out. If, like most people, you watch where you’re going and not up at the rooftops of buildings you stand a very good chance of missing a lot of lovingly crafted detail.

One such piece of craftsmanship is Bartomeu Carbonell i Mussons House at Placa del Cap de la Vila; a Gaudi-esque tower more or less dead centre of the old town which elevates just enough to stand out from the crowd.

With its stunning clock tower dressed in blue tiles and ornate window surrounds, the house is a homage to the work of Gaudi rather than a rip off. And why wouldn’t you want to emulate his work? His architecture is second to none; a beautiful blend of form, function and flamboyance which encompasses the influence of nature with a sympathetic eye for the surrounding environment. Gaudi’s work fits in anywhere.

Bartomeu Carbonell i Mussons House in Sitges; perfect against a clear blue sky

Building work on Bartomeu Carbonell i Mussons House began in 1913 and two years later it was completed after initial designs were drawn up by the architect Ignasi Mas I Morell. There is a subtlety to the design, nothing overstated and yet it is bright, colourful and striking; like many dwellers of Sitges.

Those residents are proud of their town and its many wonderful attractions, but Mussons House, like something from a nursery rhyme, is one of the very best and well worth a visit to Sitges. Although only viewable from outside unlike some of Gaudi’s work in Barcelona, there are enough cafés along the main street which put you in prime viewing positions so you can relax, soak up the sun and enjoy Catalunyan hospitality while killing your camera battery with panoramas, close ups and profiles of the splendid old clock tower.

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