Baskin ice cream cafe – Fuengirola

Baskin ice cream cafe in Fuengirola

Avda. Ramon y Cajal, 15,

Another airy and spacious chill out spot, ideal for surfing el interneto (with free wireless internet), scrumptious looking cakes (outrageously nutty brownies and wedges of chocolatey badness) , Baskin ice cream is a surprise find.An obvious play on Baskin Robbins ice cream, I expected to find a grubby looking ice cream counter vending fairly standard ice creams.

In actual fact, there is far more to Baskin. Firstly there is a large private garden with a fountain surrounded by palm trees and with areas of shade, along with a large well air conditioned café area with a choice of comfortable chairs and tables, horribly modern sofas an a couple of traditional arm chairs.

Across the ceiling distressed pseudo beams contain sunken spot lights and ceiling fans provide additional distribution of the oft oven-like Costa del Sol air.

They also sell coffees, chocolates and booze.

If you are there in the morning, there is a reasonable breakfast menu at reasonable prices. Continental breakfast consisting of coffee, toast, butter, jam and orange juice costs €3.95. Coffee toast, fresh tomato and olive oil costs just €2.95.

If you are healthy or at least attempting to be, other than a couple of fresh juices, you will be limited to tea.

If you are avoiding sugar there are sugar-free ice creams (in Spain malitol is the sugar substitute of choice) in vanilla or dark chocolate flavours. Traditional (sugary) ice creams include a lemon cream – which is delicious. It’s basically a creamy lemon sorbet. Mmmmm!

This is the second best patisserie and café in Fuengirola (in my humble and limited opinion), the other being Hermanos Rolden a few minutes walk away. Although Baskin might have the upper hand with its free wi-fi.


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