Be Organic (organic health food shop) – Barcelona

Carrer Flor del Lliri, 4
El Born

Monday to Friday 9:30 and 14:30 to17 a 21
Saturday 14:30 to 20:30

Hidden up a squiggly little typical Barcelona street I came across (not literally) this gorgeous little tienda selling lots of gorgeous organic health food and products and the kinds of things that make a vegetarian or vegan or just those conscious of their health happy to be alive.

It’s the usual story, the usual range of things but unlike many, they also have a range of attractive looking organic fruit and vegetables.

Other than that it’s oils, vinegars, vegan spreads and cheeses, whole wheat pastas, brown rices, oriental ingredients, bottled juices, seaweeds, tamaris, nuts, seeds, and a good selection of teas either bagged or sold loose.

They also have a small section dedicated to household items and products such as organic tampons (giggle), tissues, and non-environment destroying cleaning products.

You won’t find anything beyond the norm here in terms of health food shops in Spain, but you can certainly pick up the bare essentials and then some.

The shop is beautiful and the displays are all very classy with slightly less terrifying lighting than you find in most shops – which is a refreshing change. Much as I like having my retinas burnt out by artificial light, the lighting here is conducive to a slow browse whilst you read the backs of packets and um and ah about what to buy.

A lovely little spot that is a pleasure to shop in. Prices are commensurate with others elsewhere. Nothing is really that cheap in Spain. In particular, health food and organic items are definitely not really that cheap.

If you can afford to buy your organic fruit and vegetables here, then do it.


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