Belgious crepes and ice cream – Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Belgious waffles and gelateria


Belgious crepes and ice cream– Gothic Quarter, Barcelona
Avinyó 50


Monday to Sunday 18hrs – Midnight 


You’re going to find decadent freshly waffled Belgian waffles and soft crepes alongside 50 types of ice cream at Belgious creperie and heladeria in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.


You can choose from either cones or cups with the smallest cups starting @ €2.50 up to €5.30 for an extra large bulimic-friendly vessel. Cones come in two sizes with either two or three scoops of ice cream and will cost you €2.50 and €3.50 respectively.


Belgious ice creams come in a variety of flavours from yogurt, chocolate, peach, coconut, a tarty mandarin to turron (Catalan nut brittle/nougat kind of thing), violet, blood orange, macadamia nut, mojito, tiramisu, soya milk with strawberries, chocolate with goat cheese, walnut & honey, sugar-free chocolate, rosemary & lemon and the downright unappetising red wine or Manchego cheese or  spinach, bacon and raisins. Thank god I’m both vegetarian and sane. If you’re not sure what you want or just want a quick ice-cream fix you can get chupitos (ice cream shots) which cost €1.50 or €1.80. Or if you are a bulimic schizophrenic and are eating for 8, you can buy ice cream to take home in tubs of either 500ml or 1000ml tubs costing €8 or€15.


Belgious crepes come in either savoury or sweet and with options for vegetarians eg four cheeses, or goat cheese, emmenthal and nuts or eggs, butter and oregano. Savoury crepes cost from €3 and you can supplement with additional ingredients such as rocket, mushrooms, tomato and spinach. Additional ingredients cost from €0.50.


Sweet crepes at Belgious come in combinations such as lemon juice, butter and sugar Belgian chocolate, dulce de leche (like caramel) or cinnamon.


Thankfully if you are trying to stay alive and remain sane and healthy with it, Belgious also do smoothies. Yu can choose from a detox (with acai, banana and honey), or a Carioca with acerola, papaya and honey.


Belgious also have juices such as mango, pineapple, peach, strawberry, banana and fruits of the forest, plus acai (with banana, guarana and papaya). Again, check they aren’t spooning the white stuff in there for extra sweetness.


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