Bellamia Gelateria Italiano – Barcelona


Carrer Espaseria 14
El Born

(approximately 30 metres from Santa Maria Del Mar)


At Bellamia they have a simple philosophy when it comes to ice creams and the likes – healthy, few ingredients and no icky additives.

‘Nature chooses their flavours…’ or so their marketing literature goes.

Actually, the ice creams look amazing.

The location is tucked up one of the labyrinthine streets of El Gothico five minutes walk from Via Laietana (the other thick artery that runs kind of parallel to La Rambla) and down to the water’s edge.

The shop is clean and modern and the choice of flavours are part traditional and part inspired.

The best thing – for this hot chocolatoholic  at least – are the hot chocolates surprisingly. I have awarded them the second best hot chocolate in Barcelona (after Petritxol). What I really like about the hot chocolates here are that you can customise them with flavours such as chilli piquante, mint, orange or cinnamon. I – of course – had the chocolate and chilli to  go.

It was divine. Like a sweet yet piquant demon gliding down the back of your throat. Perhaps I should be writing for Razzle? Anyway, the chocolate was thick, rich and had the consistency of something divine that I can’t be arsed to delineate. It was good though. I hope you are getting that. And the final sip was like liquid fire.

One complaint is that it wasn’t quite hot enough. One of the prerequisites of a hot chocolate – is that it should be hot. First and foremost it should be chocolatey but hot is an important part of the equation too. No one wants or needs a cold not-chocolate.  That’s why I don’t live in Berlin anymore. Bad hot chocolates. Not hot. Not chocolatey. That’s not a hot chocolate. It’s a frikkin liberty.

Good hot chocolates at this place here – go there now.

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