Berry’s: delightful DIY frozen yogurt parlour – Malaga

Berry’s: delightful DIY frozen yogurt parlour – Malaga


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Malaga (not much of a website at the moment)


Frozen yogurt bars are popping up like hungry meerkats all across Spain at a rate of something fast. We’ve been big fans of Llao Llao since frequenting their branch in Sitges.
Most yogurt bars in Spain are much of a muchness: you choose your size, choose from a limited number of toppings, pay, eat, enjoy. The difference with Berry’s is that you choose exactly what you want (with no limitations) and pay by weight.

There are a number of different yogurt types to start with (such as natural lactose free; natural; melon; strawberry; turron; ferrero roche; fruits of the forest and panacotta.)

Interior of Berry's Yogurt in Malaga

Interior of Berry's Yogurt in Malaga

All yogurts are apparently high in prebiotics, 100% natural and gluten free.

Once you have selected your size of container you can select different additions such as fresh fruit (kiwi fruit, banana, pineapple, orange, strawberries, blackberries); oreo biscuits, broken cookies, tutti frutti (candy), cornflakes, la casitos (like racist smarties) and chocolate sauces such as white chocolate, crunchy nutella, nutella, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, apricot, raspberry, dulce de la leche (like caramel), hot coffee, caramel, blackberry and then some.

To health it up I had lactose free natural yogurt with a range of fresh fruit and then topped with honey and crushed almonds. Really thoroughly delicious although the yogurt did contain sugar of some description but I like to think I compensated with my healthy topping choices. I had the medium size tureen which I filled and it cost me just over four euros. It was a filling meal in itself.

I love the fact that you aren’t limited to two or three toppings and that you can mix and match to your little frozen-yogurt heart’s content. It’s great that you can go as dirty and chocolatey as you want or as healthy as you can with my combo.

They also sell smoothies, granizados and juice.

Yum, in a word.


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