Besalu, Catalonia – The Fortified Town part 2


Our afternoon in Besalu came at the hottest time of the year but thanks to the traditional Spanish philosophy on architecture we were spared the blazing sun by the tall walls and narrow streets.

After crossing the Romanesque bridge we found ourselves in a very tight little street which was lined with antique shops and knick-knack emporiums selling everything from wooden elastic band launching guns to beautifully painted ornate wall mounted butterflies via wooden swords and elaborate tapestry style cushions.

Besalu, like much of Spain, is also home to a lot of wild cats who bask quite happily in the constant sunshine.


Trinkets, knick-knacks and butterflies are the order of the day in Besalu.


The town is a labyrinthine mass of cobbles and brightly coloured walls; each house a different shade or tone. I always wonder why houses in the UK aren’t painted bright colours because even in bad weather a brightly coloured array of buildings gives you a lift – even if you don’t realise it.

The main square in Besalu plays home to performers of all kinds, from street theatre to orchestral affairs, while the locals and visitors sit enjoying the sights and sounds at the many cafés and restaurants that form the perimeter.

More narrow streets filter away from the square giving home to designer clothes shops, wine makers and the more common mobile phone outlets.

Besalu is a great place to spend a long afternoon exploring and relaxing amongst its historic and scenic walls.

You can also read about Besalu’s history here or enjoy our gallery of the Romanesque bridge here.

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