Besalu, Catalonia – Inside the Walls in Pictures

Entering Besalu through the bridge gate brings you to this street.


Every street in Besalu is narrow and the aged stone keeps the sun off - thankfully.


The shops in Besalu are quite cute little things selling all sorts of trinkets and wares like wooden owls and metal butterflies. (Sorry for the blur)


Basement shops and bars are a common sight in Besalu. This tea shop had a wonderful aroma about it.


The buildings in Besalu are painted in bright colours. I doubt anyone living here suffers with depression.


The central square often plays host to musicians and street theatre, especially in the summer months.


One of the churches in Besalu's centre, glowing bright in the summer sun.


The west façade of the church.


Inside one of the designer shops. I loved the lighting in here.




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