Best Hot Chocolates in Barcelona Part I


A geletaria in El Born that serves ice cream so good that Catalans will queue for it. Indeed, I was one of several queuing outside one Wednesday night in January. Although at the time I was neither Catalan nor queuing for ice cream. I was after the brown stuff.

Hot chocolates aren’t that hot but are irresistibly thick, rich and tasty. Not disgustingly sweet and they come in different flavors including cayenne, cinnamon, mint and hazelnut. You can have cream on top if you’re a filthy whore. I am.

There are no seats here so you’l have to take your spoils elsewhere – if it lasts you that long. Unlikely, I’d say. You may have to go back for another one. Go on. You might as well. You know you want to. Do it!


Mmmmm. It’s difficult to say anything negative about their hot chocolates other than they are a bit too sweet. Delicious thick liquid chocolate and if you go for a Suissa (Swiss) they even top it off with real whipped cream – no aerosols involved. The standard size can leave you a bit nauseous it’s that thick and delightful, in which case you can ask for a pequinita – which is just enough to satisfy your desire for hot chocolate and give you a decent bout of thrush. Sweet and delicious as fuck. Yummy yummy yummy.

This is a chocolaterie and cake shop and there quite a few seats, so you can turn this one into an occasion.


Designer chocolate and artisan produced cakes that are way too beautiful to eat and allow to be processed in your smelly old colon only to exit through your bottom.

Bubo is located in fashionable El Born, very close to the water. The hot chocolate is dark and mildly spicy. It’s not vegan but it’s low on dairy.  A bit oily but one for the connoisseur who loves their hot choccy outrageously dark and with a ever so slighty spicy edge to it.  It sure ain’t Cadburys that’s for sure. And I for one, see that as a good thing.

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