Best Hot Chocolates in Barcelona Part II

More reviews of the best hot chocolate spots in town. Feel free to add to the commenty box below if you have discovered more purveyors of the glorious brown stuff that you think might deserve a mention, and I’l be sure to check them out. Sadly, I’ve yet to find a decent vegan hot chocolate in Barcelona. Booooo!


Another Italian style gelateria that serves ice creams, Belgian waffles and hot chocolates.

The standard hot chocolates are ready made and rotating in front of your eyes in a glass hot chocolate machine thingythat will inveigle you in with its enchanting stirring action. But wait, there are other varieties that they make from packets – which might sound shit, but they actually taste pretty damn good.

These packety mixes are flavored with banana, coconut, hazelnut, vanilla, or spicy Aztec, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange, cinnamon etc – and some other varieties. They can be a bit hit and miss depending on who serves you. Sometimes they add too much milk and need a smack. I’ve had good ones and I’ve suffered at the hand of a bad one too. Much like life. But pretty good hotty ‘c’s all the same.

They have small bars where you can sit on stools and drink your HC, but they are served in disposable takeaway cups so the choice is yours.

Llao Llao

This time hot chocolate courtesy of a frozen yogurt shop. I fell in love with LLao LLao during the summer in Sitges, so imagine my delight when come the winter, they started serving a pretty decent, thick, rich drinking chocolate. Reasonable price and a good quantity for the money. Tasty and thick like a catwalk model.

Most branches of LLao LLao have seating. They also serve crepes and brownies and of course, frozen yogurt.

Buenas Migas

You can actually sit down and enjoy these hot chocolates that come in four varieties: normal, double chocolate, Swiss (with spray cream and very sweet chocolate sauce) or galleta (with spray cream, and cookie pieces).

Fairly good drinks and if you go to the branches in Barceloneta or El Raval, you can sit outside and quaff, if the sun is out, which I’m happy to say is the case more often than not. That’s why we like Spain, yeah!


These are all over the place but the main one is on Placa Catalunya (Pass de Gracia).

Mainly a heladeria but they also do all manner of sweet amalgamations oft based around ice cream.

However, they do a creamy and dense hot chocolate with a beautifully smooth texture and you can even opt to have it topped with cream. They do small and large sizes and there are plenty of places for you to sit – although the branch on Placa Catalunya gets aggressively busy – especially in summer.

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