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In Spain it is more normal for folk to eat a salad as a starter or as an accompaniment to other dishes and therefore, frustratingly,  finding a really decent and tasty salad that isn’t just iceberg lettuce with a tablespoon of tinned sweetcorn and a few slices of tomato with no dressing, is not always easy.

Even in the dynamic and fashionable Catalan capital it can prove difficult to find a big and tasty salad that doesn’t involve goat cheese or tuna fish. Here are the best I’ve found so far but I’m always looking.

Terese Carlos – vegetarian restaurant
El Raval

They have a choice of not particularly large but well-presented salads that you can choose from eg with warm goat cheese, low calorie, with seitain, tofu, roasted peppers, seaweed and all kinds of combinations.

You can also design your own with either five or ten ingredients ranging from spinach, sprouted alfalfa, grated beetroot and celery to mixed seaweed, manchego cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. You then pick one of several dressings including yogurt and honey, soya, balsamic reduction etc. Prices start at €8.50 for five ingredients. You need to add an additional €1.50 to that if you want additional dressings.

Portion sizes aren’t great but the ingredients are good quality and there are some interesting combinations to choose from. Nice environment.

Juices also available.

Veggie Garden – vegan restaurant
El Raval

Fairly simple but decent sized salads including a Veggie Garden salad which is all raw apart from the olives; or a salad with cooked green beans with garlic; a  cooked beetroot salad; a guacamole salad; or one with roasted vegetables.

Good sized salads and they do a massive range of juices including a few green combos that give you an instant energy kick.

Lovely people.

Juicy Jones – vegan restaurant
El Raval and El Gotico

The menu at Juicy Jones is pretty much identical to the menu at Veggie Garden (as the proprietor of Veggie Garden used to co-own Juicy Jones, as I understand it).

Therefore comments are the same as for Veggie Garden above.

Organic – vegetarian restaurant
El Raval

They have a salad bar here that is about 60% raw and includes ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, mixed leaves, olives, couscous salad, potato salad, lentils with garlic and a couple of dressings.

You can make yourself a fairly decent combo here. Prices start from €7.95 without soup.

Oviso – vegetarian friendly café/restaurant
El Gotico

This youthful place has a terrace and a colourful and anarchic interior. They have a choice of salads but note that they generally contain meat – but you can ask for it without or replaced with avocado for example. Portions  are fairly decent and the dressings are tasty.

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