Best vegetarian restaurants in Valencia

La Tastaolletes Cuina Vegetariana.
A contemporary place with modern clean white walls and a gallery of photographic images that you can buy should the desire take you.

The menu is exceptionally creative and has the most important thing for me – a large selection of salads. Spanish salads can be a bit retro in their simplicity but they do a seaweed salad (ensalada de algas) that is to die for. So good I ate their three times in two days. It’s not that cheap although they do have a menu del dia for just over €10 during the day.

Mescalt (vegetarian-friendly)

C/Beltran Bigorra, 10

This is not an entirely vegetarian restaurant, it’s a fairly upmarket burger restaurant with a couple of interesting vegetarian burger options.

For the vegetarian palate you can choose from lentil; feta cheese and spinach; or zucchini. These options cost between €7.50 and €8.00 and you can other ingredients to your chosen burger. You also have a choice of breads – not just the obvious American style sweet bun with sesame seeds.

The Nature

Plaza Vannes 7
Calle Ramon y Cajal 36

Oriental almost fully vegan, absolute bargain buffet that costs between a rather amazingly cheap €7.50 and €8 depending on the day of the week (with weekends being more expensive). This price includes savoury and sweet dishes, so you can have a three-course meal and stuff yourself to the point of senselessness for a remarkably low price. Although drinks are additional.

This is not an exhaustive list. I can’t eat everywhere. Where would I put it? If you would like to add to this, please use the comments box below. That’s what it’s for.


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