Bio Center organic and health food shop – Santiago de Compostela

Rua Nova 5,


Santiago de Compostela

This place is a jewel within the greater jewel that is Santiago de Compostela – one of the most achingly beautiful cities in Spain, if not the world. Think Barcelona but grey and airy and bad weather.

For all Spain’s beauty it is not often easy to find health food stores or places to buy organic, vegetarian, vegan and allergy-free foods. So when I stumbled upon this unassuming spot, completely by absolute serendipitous accident, I was utterly and inexplicably thrilled and unable to resist stocking up on some tofu sausages, 100% spelt bread, stevia liquid and organic dog snacks.

Located fairly centrally, Bio Centre sells a good but standard range of items that you will be a sight for sore eyes, if you’ve travelled through Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia – where it becomes increasingly difficult to find good quality healthy fodder.

Here you can find the usual range of organic wholewheat and rice pastas; organic rice; marmalades and jams; oriental ingredients; tofu products such as sausages, faux meats, free range eggs and all manner of stuffs from organic chocolate spread to rice cakes.

They also sell organic toiletries, beauty products and household products that don’t scorch your retinas off or make your fingers dissolve. Good spot to stock up on fluoride-free toothpastes, or organic fanny hammocks for the ladies.

They sell bottled juices and a big range of herbal teas from mate to twig, matcha to pu’er and lots of fruity numbers.

If you want organic and/or vegetarian cheese then there is a small but quite pricey range. Plus there are some organic meats such as pork sausage, beef burgers and succulent steaks.

Buying health food is rarely cheap anywhere and in Spain it takes both commitment and money to hunt the food stores down and to buy it. As we are invariably on a tight budget –  despite buying lottery tickets aka idiot tax – we can’t afford to buy everything from health food shops, but we do pick up ingredients such as tamari, tahini, brown rice, herbal teas, breads, and good quality oils here. For fruits and vegetables and nuts and more basic things we sadly have to buy peasant class, probably genetically modified, low quality, nutrient lacking supermarket food that’s probably travelled further than we have. Bleueeuurgh!

I love finding these little shops. It can be difficult to park in the city, but it’s worth persevering and finding a parking spot just so you can stock up on organic stuffs, as you never know when your path will cross with the next health food shop.

And the cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful even if you don’t like breathtakingly beautiful cathedrals.

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