Bionatura Ekotienda – Fuengirola, Malaga

Bionatura Ekotienda - Fuengirola

Avenida de los Boliches, 112

Open all day!

Bionatura is one of a few excellent little eco stores in central Fuengirola that stocks a marvellous selection of organic treats suitable for those following a healthy regimen, and for vegetarians and vegans, or those who would just rather find organic alternatives.

Bionatura Ekotienda is my favourite organic store ever in Spain (and that’s including stores in Barcelona and throughout thoroughly modern Catalonia).

Firstly, Bionatura Ekotienda has a very decent organic fruit and vegetable counter – everything is definitely organic and they have certificates to prove it. In the few organic places you find in Spain, often the fruit and vegetable section is miniscule. In Bionatura Ekotienda you can find organic oranges, apples, melons, onions, pineapples, leeks, beetroot, squash, lettuce, avocadoes, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, red peppers, green peppers, zucchini, onions and lots more.

Bionatura Ekotienda - Fuengirola - organic fruit and vegetables

Bionatura Ekotienda - Fuengirola - organic fruit and vegetables

They also sell the usual variety of pastas (eg wholewheat, spirulina, wheat-free pasta and gluten-free pastas), different types of rice; cereals including Alara breakfast muesli; along with different vinegars and oils, honeys, sugar free jams (sweetened with fructose or apple juice), face products and cleaning products.

Items of note, from my possibly skewed perspective at least, include Sunnyvale sprouted breads and sugar free vegan carrot cake, raw organic 10 plus manuka honey (approx €20), VitaCoco coconut water in large and small cartons, several different types of miso (including shuri, genmai and mugi),Green and Blacks organic chocolate (first time I’ve EVER seen that in Spain in over 18 months), Divine fair-trade chocolate, quinoa (don’t see that much in these parts), Infinity nuts and seeds (brazil nuts, macadamias, cashews and Bombay mix), Crazy Jacks dried fruit (dates, figs, wild blueberries and cranberries), cashew nut butter (not seen since I left England), organic chicken (for Sweep), and bags of frozen perfect-for-smoothies berries such as cherries and fruits of the forest.

Bionatura Ekotienda - Fuengirola - organic groceries

Bionatura Ekotienda - Fuengirola - organic groceries

The service is excellent and the owner is happily passionate about organic food.

There are lots of organic and health food shops in Fuengirola, but Bionatura Ekotienda is the best.

Excellent shop, beautiful ethos, wonderful stock and they don’t even siesta.

Despite having only one vegetarian restaurant (Vegitalia) Fuengirola is particularly well equipped with organic shops and herboristerias. You might also want to try Biocasa, NaturalisNutrisaludPolen or two herberisterias in the main covered market (near the Renfe): Dapocris and Herboristeria Mercado.


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