Bo de Bi takeaway – Barcelona

c/ Fusteria 14
Merce 35

Even though this is pretty much a slightly glamorous kebab shop, there is a lot more to it than a first impression might allow. It’s rare that you will pass Bo de Bi when there isn’t a long queue of salivating locals waiting to fodder themselves up after a long day doing shit all on the beach or lining their stomachs before a long night drinking mojitos strong enough to anaesthetize yourself and anyone standing next to you, prior to major surgery on your face.

When you first happen upon Bo de Bi, it might look like there is nothing much in there for the vegetarian, but oh you’d be well wrong. For the veggie on the canter, you can gorge yourself ridiculous on a baguette stuffed to bursting with vegetables and topped sexily with a choice of sauces including a bravas salsa  (hot sauce) that will blow your motherflipping gloves right off your hands.

For vegetarians, vegans and even raw food vegans, you can get a large plate brimming with salads and topped with one of the sauces: garlic, picante etc.

You can add cheese (such as Spanish manchego or Greek feta) to your salad or sandwich at an extra cost if you are a plain old veggie.

Sandwiches cost about €7, which might not seem such a bargain, but the portions are massive and easily enough to fill one person with a normal appetite or an average-sized bulimic.

And the bread is delicious and fresh tasting. Not the kind of stale and pallid torpedo you’d expect from a takeaway. No sir.

There is a very small restaurant in the back, but mainly people queue at the counter where you can see all the fresh and colourful looking vegetables and fillings awaiting your direction.

The one downfall is the staff, who seem consistently to have woken up with a bit of an attitude. Perhaps being looked down on by your server is part of the place’s charm but a big friendly grin goes a long way. The last thing you want is a salad dressing full of tears of misery.

I’d give it a ten out of ten if it weren’t for the shitty attitude of the staff, who look like they are doing community service for a crime they are unable to prove they weren’t guilty of.

A great find if you are trying to ‘eat out’ on a budget. There are several places nearby where you can take your food to eat it. The steps of the massive post office (correos) next door or down by the port. If you have the patience, you could walk to the beach at Barceloneta, and have a  sandy picnic whilst enjoying the big blue oggin. Picnicking on the beach at sundown is a thing of great beauty.


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