Bodevici Bioconcept organic ice cream and gelateria – Gracia, Barcelona

Bodevici Bioconcept - Gracia, Barcelona

c/Torrijos 21
(at the corner of c/Terol)

astúries, 2
(next to Fontana metro station)

Open Monday to Sunday

Gracia in  Barcelona is a great barrio for the organic-loving, eco-conscious, health-loving food Nazi (like myself).

Bodevici is a 100% organic ice-cream parlour and is the first of its type in Barcelona.

You can buy ice-creams, sorbets, granizados, milk shakes, frozen yogurt, horchata (nutty almondy milk drink popular in these parts) and caprichos – which consist of fruit or nut combinations served with either frozen yogurt or ice cream. All certificed organic of course.

The flavours at Bodevici are entirely natural and the products are prepared entirely without additives, preservatives or artificial colourings. They also have products made without gluten, lactose, sugar, eggs or nuts for those with allergies or rightfully fussy. So whether you are celiac, lactose intolerant or avoiding sugar because it’s toxic and addictive – then get your healthy arse to Bodevici.

The concept behind Bodevici is to not harm the environment and to respect the animals from which its main ingredients come and to respect their welfare.

At Bodevici all the cones, spoons, tureens and cups are both biodegradable and organic, showing their ongoing commitment to not destroying the world and providing healthy alternatives. Even the lighting is energy saving and the wooden furniture is from sustainable sources. Everything is fair-trade and all their containers are compostable.

Ethical 100% organic ice-cream made by happy cows in darling Gracia – what’s not to love?

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