Breakfast Spanish Style – Chocolate con Xurros

Chocolate con Xurros - a modern Spanish breakfast dish.


There are many differences in the eating culture between Spain, the UK and the USA and one of the first noticeable areas is with breakfast where Spaniards will happily consume hot chocolate in the morning; a drink normally reserved for bedtime in the UK and USA. Chocolate con Xurros is a morning favourite.

It makes sense if you think about – Spanish style I mean – given that cocoa is not only a powerful anti-oxidant but also a strong stimulant, noted for keeping people awake. Drinking it at night is tantamount to doing a line of coke then hoping to sleep for eight hours. Not that I do coke.

So to make their breakfast choice more appealing the Spanish have gone one step further and augmented hot chocolate with ‘Xurros‘ (pronounced ‘churros’) which are the same as doughnuts but squeezed straight and deep fried.

They’re a greasy number but when coated with heaps of sugar (just like Kellog’s Cornflakes for instance) and dipped in the thick, creamy hot chocolate they taste too damn good to refuse; like a hot sweet orgasm emanating from your taste buds.


Xurros - Straight donuts

Chocolate con Xurros is full of sugar, fairly unhealthy and enjoyed by millions of Spaniards every day.


This is the best possible start to the day as confirmed by sugar addicts all over the Iberian Peninsula (and they are legion). In fact, 15billion (wild guess) Spaniards can’t be wrong.

In fairness to myself I’ve only had Chocolate con Xurros on a few occasions as it’s not the sort of thing I like to eat, but on a cold morning it’s a good warmer and a real buzz for the taste buds. It is a high energy breakfast but unfortunately only a quick burst of energy which will fade fast.

That said, it’s a cultural difference which is based on sound logic. Chocolate at night it silly and counterproductive if sleep is the aim whereas it’s a decent morning solution.

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